Arkomax UVC
The First Sterilisation LED
Lighting In The World

UVC Lighting Disinfection

Our motion-controlled hybrid LED/UVC lighting units effectively disinfect the space and surfaces within your workplace illuminating when you enter and disinfecting when you leave.

Just Change Your Light

Arkomax Lighting is blazing the trail in integrating UVC disinfection into LED lighting. This series of unprecedented health-protecting lighting products provide the three-fold usage of surface disinfection, air-cleaning, and illumination. Boasting a disinfection rate up to 99.9%*—with no excess radiation, no ozone produced, and no residual chemicals—and a military-grade radar sensor to detect anyone around, SunCleanTM is designed to keep people safe and healthy.

Benefits of our UVC Lighting

Intelligent, Automatic Disinfection, Air-Cleaning, and Lighting. 3-in-1.

Simple Replacement

Intelligent Operation

Safe and Reliable

Keep Spaces Free of COVID-19

Minimize Infection Spread

Many Regulatory Approvals

Disinfection and Lighting

Illuminates when you enter and disinfects when you leave. Ensuring the safety of your employees and clients at all times.

UVC Lighting Disinfection


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